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Friday, May 22, 2009

Plateau Dieng

Plateau Dieng is highest plateau both in the world after Nepal, and wide in Java islands. Dieng lays in geographical position of 7' 12' South Latitude and 109‘ 54 ' East Longitude, stays at height of 6802 foot/feet or 2093 mdpl. Air temperature average of 15 C, in July-August, temperature gets down to under 0 C. In administrative Dieng area divided in two areas that is, Area Dieng Kulon (West Dieng) which located in Kabupaten Banjarnegara and Kawasan Dieng Wetan (East Dieng) located is region by Kabupaten Wonosobo, Central Java Province.

Plateau Dieng is a plateu happened because big eruption a volcano. Thereby condition of the geologic is hitherto relative still be labile even often happened land movements. Some evidences shows the thing is, event of loss of Desa Legetan, cut of road between Banjarnegara-Karangkobar and Sukoharjo-Ngadirejo and also cracks land releasing poison gas like event of Sinila.

Dieng Area has some potencies place of tour, that is nature and culture tourist resort. Nature tourist resort which there is there is existence of cauldron indicating that eruption of conic volcano. There is 4 cauldron, and 6 lake. Besides both types of nature resort, in Plateau Dieng there is tour resort other nature namely cave and source of temperature water. Culture resort which there is in plateau Dieng is existence of Hindhuism temple.

For towards location of this tourist resort, we can reach the place from 2 town, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Besides, condition of road towards location have also good.

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